Sharon Stone Is a Survivor

Having a brain injury is often a very lonely experience.   Brain injury survivors may ask themselves, “Who else besides me has also gone through this?”  The fact is that many people have survived brain injuries, including some well known celebrities.

Actress Sharon Stone is a brain injury survivor.  The star of movies like Basic Instinct and Casino had a blood vessel rupture in her brain in 2001.  Through the herculean efforts of her treatment team, she survived.  Stone completed rigorous rehabilitation for her injuries, just like other survivors.  Post-injury, she was able to make a successful return to work, including earning an Emmy award in 2003. So if you ever wonder who else has experienced the struggles of recovering from a brain injury, you can always watch a Sharon Stone movie and know that you are looking at another survivor.

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One response to “Sharon Stone Is a Survivor

  1. Sharon Stone insider

    Sharon Stone will start production of Casino II in Macau, China in 2015. She is currently in production on Halloween 3D with Rob Zombie. Sharon Stone has survived several car wrecks in her past as well as a plane crash. Sharon tries to fly the 747-8 whenever she can. As you know Air Force One is a 747-8. Things get dangerous after 25 years in the airline industry!

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