Teacher Supply Stores

Many brain injury survivors and their families wonder about where they can find useful activities to improve the deficits left in the wake of a brain injury.  A favorite place of mine to find these types of activities is the teacher supply store.  You do not need to be a teacher to shop at one of these stores.

Teachers will work on skills such as reading, memory, perception and problem-solving.  All of these may be skills that a brain injury survivor needs to work on.  For instance, teacher supply stores have story cards to  practice memory, photograph libraries to practice naming and puzzles to practice visual-spatial skills.  The first time you go to one of these stores you will want to spend some time walking through the aisles and familiarizing yourself with all of the available selections as the inventory there is generally quite different from that of a typical retail store.  Every city with a reasonably sized population will have at least one of these stores.  In my experience, every store will have the same type of core material but some stores tend to specialize and may have particular items that other stores may miss.  The prices at these stores are usually pretty reasonable so you can often get some great activities under a more limited budget.

Learn about brain injury treatment services at the Transitional Learning Center: tlcrehab.org

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