Why Brain Injury Education is Important

Recently, I was talking with an acquaintance about our jobs.  He is a young, bright family physician.  The young physician explained to me how the patients he treats with brain injuries all have suffered mild brain injuries.  He then proceeded to give a list of some of the more common symptoms that his patients experience.  His description of the symptoms of mild brain injuries were well-informed and accurate.  I mentioned how I treat patients with moderate to severe brain injuries.  The young physician stated that there is not much you can do with patients that have such serious brain injuries.  On this point, he was sadly misinformed.  I explained to him that the terms “mild”, “moderate” and “severe” simply refer to the initial start point of an injury and not the end result.  I told him about several TLC patients who were quite successful following rehabilitation, such as patients who have graduated from college following treatment at TLC.  He clearly took in the information and hopefully, has learned from our brief interaction.

This interaction led me to have other thoughts.  Here is an well-educated, excellent doctor who lacked a full understanding of brain injury.  How more so is there a lack of brain injury education in the general public.  How many people in the general public have false ideas about brain injuries?  The desire to educate the public on brain injury is one of the principal reasons this blog was created.  Moreover, every article, news story and conversation about brain injury that we share with others helps educate individuals outside of the brain injury treatment world about brain injury.  We need to let the general public know that a brain injury is not the end of someone’s life but rather a new pathway in life.  We need to let the general public know that and individual with a brain injury may have significant difficulties but also can have a successful life.  We need the general public to learn to see beyond the injury and to see the person.

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