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It Takes Awhile

Many brain injury survivors become frustrated with the slow rate at which a brain injury heals.  They are used to the comparably more rapid pace seen in the healing of broken bones, cuts and other like injuries.  However, it is normal for a serious brain injury to require a much longer period of time before significant progress towards full healing is made.  I was reminded of this fact this past Sunday while watching the qualifying for the Indianapolis 500.  Former winner Dario Franchitti was interviewed by the hosts and was asked about how he’s been feeling since his horrific crash in a race on October 6.  He said that his concussion (brain injury) was almost completely healed.  After nine months his injury is not completely healed, but is almost healed.  This serves as a reminder that even world class athletes with access to the best medical care available have to patiently wait for healing after a brain injury.

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NASCAR superstar race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. will miss the next two Cup Chase races after suffering his second concussion over the last few months.  Concussion is essentially just another term to describe brain injury.  Earnhardt sought medical help after suffering from repeated headaches following a crash last Sunday at Talladega.


Earnhardt is not the first NASCAR driver to miss time on the track due to brain injuries.  In the video accompanying the above article, former NASCAR driver Ricky Craven talks about the effects of a concussion he suffered from while racing.  Craven was sidelined for several months following a crash at Texas Motor Speedway.


Former NASCAR driver Ernie Irvan suffered multiple severe brain injuries during races at Michigan International Speedway.  These injuries ultimately led to his retirement.


Subsequently, Irvan created the Race2Safety foundation and has become a national spokesperson on brain injury awareness.


All of these drivers have been NASCAR race champions but even champions are not immune to brain injuries.

Learn about brain injury treatment services at the Transitional Learning Center: tlcrehab.org