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Galveston Brain Injury Conference

This week, the Transitional Learning Center and the University of Texas Medical Branch have the pleasure of co-hosting the Galveston Brain Injury Conference (GBIC).  GBIC is a unique invite-only conference focusing each year on a single specific topic.  Only a select few top researchers in their respective fields are invited each year to attend.  As each year focuses on a different topic, the list of invitees will also differ substantially from year to year.  This year’s topic is “Brain Injury as a Chronic Disease.”

At the culmination of each GBIC is the awarding of the Robert L. Moody Prize for Distinguished Initiatives in Brain Injury Research and Rehabilitation.  The prize, which comes with a $10,000 honorarium, is one of the top accolades a researcher can earn in this arena.  Robert L. Moody is the visionary behind and founder of the Transitional Learning Center.  Mr. Moody was influenced by the tragic injury of his son to create a facility to bridge the gap in care between acute care rehabilitation and discharge to a home environment.  Thanks to Mr. Moody’s generosity and innovation, the Transitional Learning Center has helped brain injury survivors in optimizing their journey to recovery for over 30 years.

Learn about brain injury treatment services at the Transitional Learning Center: tlcrehab.org