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Free Webinar on Social Security Disability

The Brain Injury Association of America will be hosting a free webinar titled “Understanding Social Security Disability” on Thursday, October 9th at 2 pm CDT.  As a great many brain injury survivors face temporary or even permanent loss of the ability to work following an injury, it’s extremely common for survivors to apply for Disability.  The Social Security Disability process can be long and confusing, so this webinar is a great opportunity to learn about the rules and expectations encountered when navigating this process.


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Free Family Caregiver Kit

Families of brain injury survivors face a great deal of stress in many areas of life.  Often significant among these new stressors encountered in the post-injury landscape is the sudden need to manage a loved one’s personal life. In many cases a brain injury survivor will no longer be capable of managing his or her own finances or of making important medical decisions unassisted.  Columnist Dear Abby and the United States government have teamed together to offer a free Family Caregiver Kit.  This kit contains nine publications addressing a wide range of important issues such as effectively managing finances, the implications of power of attorney and enacting proper medicine safety strategy.  The kit can be ordered for free (or alternatively, the publications can be downloaded for free) via this link:


Learn about brain injury treatment services at the Transitional Learning Center: tlcrehab.org

Paying For Treatment

Engaging in rehabilitation can be a costly enterprise.  Often, insurance will not pay for rehabilitation or will provide only limited funding for such treatment.  This puts significant pressure on a brain injury survivor’s family to try to find a way to arrange necessary treatment for their loved one.   In addition, this is a situation that occurs while that family is almost always already experiencing a financial squeeze due to factors such as loss of income and costs of hospitalizations.

In some cases, a state government will provide funding for rehabilitation following a brain injury.  In Texas, the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) pays for the treatment of many survivors of brain and spinal injuries.  DARS has two programs to fund rehabilitation: the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services(CRS) and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) programs.  They may also help survivors acquire necessary equipment and receive needed support when returning to work or school.  Below is a link to the DARS website for more information:


If you do not live in Texas, check with your state’s health department to see if there is a comparable agency in your state willing to fund rehabilitation, as many states offer programs similar to DARS.

Learn about brain injury treatment services at the Transitional Learning Center: tlcrehab.org