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Toys for Tots and Meaningfulness

The patients at the Transitional Learning Center in Lubbock recently made Christmas ornaments to be sold in order to raise money for Toys for Tots.  This is not just a great activity because it helps children in need.  It is also special because it focuses on what the patients can do to contribute in spite of their injuries rather than focusing further attention on those things that they’re no longer capable of doing.  This points to one of the most important aspects of promoting post-injury success.  Survivors, professionals and loved ones must identify what the survivor is still able to do following an injury.  This involves identifying both tasks that can be done independently and those that require the survivor to seek some level of help.  These activities can often be relied upon to bring meaning and depth to life when facing the many challenges that accompany learning to rebuild that life in the aftermath of a brain injury.  Below is a beautiful news story featuring the patients and TLC staff making the mentioned ornaments.


Learn about brain injury treatment services at the Transitional Learning Center: tlcrehab.org