TLC Photos

Here are a few photos from the Transitional Learning Center’s rehabilitation facilities in Galveston and Lubbock:

Commemorating Brain Injury Awareness Day

Exercising in the pool to improve physical skills

Reclaiming enjoyable activities in new ways

Practicing  strength and coordination skills

Working with augmentative speech devices to aid in communication

Educating professionals on brain injury


Donating to the community





2 responses to “TLC Photos

  1. A family friend told me yesterday that a dear friend of ours is in the Lubbock facility . I would like to see when the visiting hour are and what days would be better. We would love to come visit. Thank you for your time,
    Judy Simmons and family

    • Mrs. Simmons,

      Generally, guests visit with our patients after 5 pm (as therapy lasts the entire day) or on weekends. Please contact Missy Oliver at 806-281-5400 to coordinate your visit. We look forward to seeing you.

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